Friday, March 22, 2013

KUMON: the best learning center?

It was six years ago when I first heard about Kumon Center, my eldest child was then in her first grade.  One of my friend, Leah was been very happy that her daughter finally been doing better in school after she had enrolled her to the center nearby. 

Using worksheets assigned to children, they are trained to do it themselves until they perfected the task.  If students continue to study at their own pace, they will catch up with their school grade level and eventually advance far beyond it.  Thus, turned them confident in school. Not bad huh. They claimed they can train a child as early as two years old.

Just one problem though... the price. But if parents reading this can afford the two thousand per month, I highly recommend to enroll your child.

But how if not, just like us?  This is what we did. Kumon occasionally gives a two-week free trial  campaign. Grab it! Parents are then asked to attend a short seminar on what would happen during the trial period, what would be the part of your child, the instructor and of the parents. The latter is the most important and gave me the the best idea ever at that moment.

And you know what?  After the two-week training, we continue the Kumon way of learning.. still for free.  Using the methods we had learned, we made our own worksheets and gave them to our children.  I had four children so we practically saved almost P10,000 a month. And it is also a sort of a family bonding which is a priceless moment.

And the result?  Our children excels. They were always been chosen participants in inter-school academic competitions. They finished every school level with honors. And on the latest graduation rites we had attended... our eldest child, Camille was the Valedictorian! The best gift a child could to their parents. Could you imagine the feelings?  All the hardships are gone. The profits came in the time and love we had invested. Not to mentions the many rebates. Two human beings were added to the proud parents in the world!



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