Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confident Parents: Kids Are The Best Teacher!

Creating and raising another individual is a hard work. And so is parenting. It's not an easy task to do but it is doable. New parents and parents-to-be should not lose their heart. This can be learned and the best teachers are  our own kids!

There are many books and magazines about parenting of course. They are helpful why not. But in the end, you are going to adjust them to suit your kids temperament and needs.

My 8-year-old daughter is a crying lady... err girl. And when her temper bursts with crying, it's hard to make her stop. One day she came from school crying. Two of her classmates were following her telling us she had a quarrel with their teacher.

Camille didn't want to talk when asked what had happened. But making her feel that we know how she felt, she started to tell us in details.

One of her classmate hid her crayons and she started to cry. No one can stopped her even her teacher. And as a result, she and her teacher got a not so good conversation that only make her crying worse. When asked to leave the room, that 8-year-old kid made a louder cry. 

The next day, her teacher told us many bad things against my daughter's behavior. Was that made my confidence to be shattered? Not at all.

That one math session did not define my daughter. Kids may do crazy things, but that didn't mean that they are bad or you fail as a parent. That incident taught me to be patient and made me more determined to instill good behavior in my child. Why should I let that one silly incident stop me from doing my duties as her dad?  I realized that during those times, that I learned the most!

The best thing to do in those times is to get back to being a dad right away regardless how other people sees my kids. Remember, we know our child more than they.

One of my friends had an austistic son. Imagine what he had felt the day he learned about that. His self-esteem parts. He blamed himself constantly. He was inconsolable. But after sometime, he said enough is enough.  The winds were howling and the rain is heavy.  "My son needed me and there is no way I am going to leave him in the middle of nowhere!", he said full of courage.

Learning to be a confident parent is not limited to books. It is best learned from experience. From years of taking care of your children.

Smooth seas do not make good sailors. I became stronger, more confident father in the eye of the storm.



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  2. Parenting never stops in providing them their needs but it just begin there. This blog prepare me to a most challenging role of being a dad. Though my baby is still 4months now, I'm so excited to see her someday bringing her school stuff and going to school, of course with his driver-me.. Tnx Mr. Cruz...