Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Books vs Computers

Nowadays, computers are almost a necessity. If you don't own one, there are many Internet shops where one can go. It is so useful that with the use of Internet, almost anything can be answered. Type in your question, even a phrase or a word, then your just a click away and you have it. From people to the different places around the globe. Animals from millions years ago to the present smallest living organism. Say it and the net has an answer.

One day, a man stood front our door. He turned to be a book salesman. He introduced the Grolliers Encyclopedia. Of course, using his skill and knowledge in selling the books,
he encouraged us to have the collection.

"Sorry but we're afraid we don't need those". Thinking that books became obsolete or of a little importance, I told him further that there was already the Internet and we had actually had purchased a DVD format of 2 encyclopedia for which we can easily make our researches and not like in books that we have to read or scan the entire of it to come out with the topic or answer to the supposed question.

Do you know that he was ready for that? He explained to me the advantage of books over the computer. "Book reading not only saves money for power but also spare your child's eyes for the danger of radiation from the monitor."
He told me more but he got me already because I really care for my kids health and welfare. " Studies shows that children who are fond of reading books are brighter and smarter than others and can be easier for them to apprehend the topics being discussed in the classroom," he added with the voice trying to have his first deal of the day.

Well he got it. And I got the the books. A 27 volume Grolliers Student Encyclopedia plus a big Webster's International Dictionary costing me P875. for 19 months. Not bad huh? Well we had paid the last of it 3 years ago and still benefiting from those beautiful and information-rich books. And I can tell it's still for years to come.

Teaching our children how to use and read books carefully, turned them as book lovers. And we are happy. Never they fail to go to National Bookstore or Power Books whenever we roam in the mall. Reading anything that caught their eyes.

They don't have to surf every time in the net. They prefer more to scan the books they enjoyed.

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