Monday, March 29, 2010

Babies Are Music Lover

And this is true with mine. Babies really responds with music. We had observed this when my wife was still pregnant. Whenever we play music at home, our baby who was still in her womb reacts.

And so, I often sing and hum songs to my children since they were babies. During nights, when all of a sudden,
they woke up crying, just a melody of a lullaby then she would stop crying and went back to sleep. During Days, I would put some music in our player we dance with my baby in my arms.

And years later, they are still fond of music as if it's just an easy thing for them. When were in long journey, on the road in our car, they would sing and sing and its a wonderful scene for us to see.


  1. Yap... i agree with you.... music does work...

  2. well that's what we had experience and we realized that was not only true to us but also to many others.
    thanks for your time and hope you dropped by again.