Monday, March 22, 2010

Know Your Child Development

It's a wonderful feeling to know that your already a Dad. And it should not just stay like that. Responsibility follows our love we feel for our children. We had work to do. We had to watch them and guide them as they grow.

And it's important for us to know what are the expected developmental milestones in our children are. There are norms that from their early months must be observe. And we must consult proper persons what are these norms.

My wife and I always had a good talk with our children's pediatrician regarding these. We didn't want something wrong happened with our children. And if ever, we wanted to detect it and do something about it as early as possible. And we're very thankful nothing we feared had happened.

These are some of the signs that we have to be alarmed:

1. At 3 to 4 months if our child has poor head control
2. At 18 months and still not uttering a single word
3. At 18 months and still not walking

We have to observe our children as they grow. We have to see whether they can do things children as their age normally do. Of course it's not fair to compare our child's development with that of another child. Every individual is unique on his own. But there are expected norms in each months and years of our child.

If yours cannot do what others with same age can, then we should be alarmed. We have to have a good understanding on what are to be expected of our children as they grow.

Everything and I think even the tiniest thing we observed with our children, we always make it a point to tell those to their pediatrician. "oh it's just normal", "good", "really". These were some of her responses. Sometimes, "you have to do this", "avoid these things" and others. If ever, feel free to consult yours.

If someone out there are now expecting a baby or just had now, enjoy looking and watching him or her, wearing those big smile, like I used to do. And still doing.

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