Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Children Go On Banking!

Teaching children to save money isn't easy. They usually want to spend money once they receive it. Giving them a piggy bank  usually do the trick. My children feel so proud when they are able to put their coins in theirs.

Then open a kiddie account for them. Find a savings account for them to deposit all their coins and let them watch their money grows. You can look for an account that doesn't have monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements or the lowest you can afford. In addition, make sure there is no limit on the number of small deposits. Also watch out for banks that charge fees for inactive accounts and read all the small print before opening the account.

We chose Metrobank Savers Club for its many features. Though it has a minimum P500  requirement, it gives more than just interest on saved money.  It comes with a P50,000-educational trust fund that your kids get as a beneficiary in case of accidental death of a parent or guardian. They also give the parent or the guardian a free personal accident insurance worth twice the average daily balance (ADB) of the month prior to the month of the accident, not to exceed P1 million. Other benefits include a welcome kit that comes with a membership card that gives your kids privileges in some establishments. Your kids will also receive greeting cards on their birthday.

Life is getting harder. 
Let's encourage our children. 
Let them fill those piggy bank to the top!



  1. oo nga po true yan Ka Alan. Plus it gives them a sense of responsibilty. My son wud save something for his account and wen crisis arise kakatouch n anak mo pa ang mag offer ng help. I remember one time na ospital father nya he gave me his passbook and told me to use the money. Grabe teary eyed ang nanay. I know im rasing a good kid.Ur Blog wud ensure a good reminder for those that take small things forgranted. Ur post are well worth reading po. :) Ka. Aiza here.

  2. Nice blog!! koreek... saving money dapat iinculcate sa mga bata para paglaki alam nila ang value ng pinaghihirapan nila

  3. @aiza,
    sarap naman nun, ala pa ako ganun experience hehe

    well said. minsan akala e napupulot ang money. sarap sana bigay ang hilig nila pero mahirap din kasi pag nasanay. baka di maganda ibunga.
    tnx ha.

  4. Passbook lang po ba ito?

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