Saturday, May 1, 2010


Another monthly dues. Electric bills. Water bills. Phone bills. Almost everything are going higher and higher. From meat in the market to vegetables. 

Cutting some of our needs and things we used to do are necessary in this hard times.

But not the quality time for your kids. My wife and I see to it that as we try to lessen some spending, we still enjoy our family ties. 
So instead of going to mall on weekends, or eating to their ever favorite Jollibee, we thought nature as good playground for them. We took them to the garden. We asked them to collect some stones, leaves and dried branches. We talked about size, shapes and texture.

With these, they also increased their vocabulary because we uses new words to describe what they saw and felt like smooth, rough, soft and hard, tall and short.

They became aware of their surroundings. They enjoyed watching the small butterflies that flies from one flower to another. Beetles and bugs in plants. Different insects in the ground. They even noticed the singing of the birds and the wide blue sky. We even played telling what animals or objects the clouds formed. 

See. It's enjoying simple natures with your family without spending much money.



  1. I agree! Our kids love gardening so everytime I am outside, they always grab their rake and shovel to help me hehehe..

  2. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! nice job!thumbs up! you must be a good father. let the kids discover their environment and appreciate nature. hope more parents will do what you did.

  3. Hi Al,

    Very nice post and a good alternative instead of spending money. Plus our children can more appreciate the beauty of nature and its simplicity. God bless you and your family.

  4. Very nice post and a very nice Dad! Have a great week!