Monday, May 3, 2010

Money Lesson For Kids

Kids must learn money spending. And this lesson should come from the parents. If not... they gonna turn on television or friend or the internet.  The thing they could learn from them is spend, spend, and spend.

Liana, my daughter, used to ask to buy her toys she want to have. But what a price! There are something in children today that tell them what are the branded ones. And they won't settle in lesser brand but with more affordable price. 

I explained them that we are gonna be short of other things if we always buy every toy she wants to have. By telling them what are more important things to have like our food  (of course they don't want to starve), electric bills (they had experienced how bad it is during power failure) and the likes, makes them understand. Kids now are bright and can apprehend more if we explain.

I told my daughter that we can have the toy if she will save some money for it. I require her to save part of her allowance in her piggy bank. And she did. While still in school, she has a daily allowance. Aside from her sandwich and juice or cold water as she always prefer to drink,  she also got herself P20. She was in her 3rd grade then. She learned how to budget her allowance by not spending much.

We should teach our children how to spend money wisely. They should know how to save. How to budget. If you don't show them how, no one will!


  1. mahirap talaga ang roll natin mga parents.

    i would say also, it is not easy to be a mother.
    sometimes, i totally shock down,...esp now my children are all in their age of adulthood.

    minsan, hindi ko alam kung paano sila pagsabihan.

    you are right what you have shared to us.

    I would say, You are a good father, a modern Tatay...........

    thanks for sharing.

    thanks for the visit, too......

    ingat ako ngayon sa kain, i gain 4kls now, and this is not easy to put

  2. my oldest is still 8 and hope na yung mga saway natin e matandaan lagi

    pero still believe if we could guide them right as young as possible e medyo magiging good naman sila.

    hehe I hope.

    tnx uli.

  3. i believed that parents must be always the ones who will discipline there children...i can't imagine it when a 4 year old child will scream loud to her mother and tell her what to do..congratulations for disciplining your children...great job! i admire parents who are like that..

  4. thanks din po sa visit! discipline always starts at home..i can't imagine how my parents did it all to us..we are big family! lol!

  5. thanks for the visit. thanks for the comment.

  6. Correct ka jan! That's how I plan to raise my future baby be thrifty and unspoiled.

  7. i agree! when i was still a kid di ko talaga na experience na magdemand ng toy, lagot sa parents

  8. Once you started the idea of money to kids...hay, iba na.

    There's this instance once that my daughter was asking for a toy--I declined to buy the item not because it's expensive but I believe it is somewhat hazardous.

    As an excuse, I told her "i don't have money". She replied instantly without a quiver saying "but you have cards, and the machine will give you money once you put it in!"

    Amazing right? She once saw me withdrawing money from the ATM machine and that's the start of it.

    Haha. She's still not getting toys as I don't believe it is essential but I do buy her coloring books and other educational stuff.

    Sharing lang po.

  9. if we allow our kids to do what they want, eventually, they are the ones holding the cradle.
    Happy paresnt produce happy kids.
    But discipline is a form or love to our kids.

    While they are young, bend them to righteousness.Pag 18 na, pwede na sila mag decide on their own.Pero ang freedom from parents has its price with it.

    Ang daming mga magulang sa abroad na binibigay ang lahat (ng laya) sa anak, best toys, best brands, for what?
    To show off to friends, to incite jealousy.nanakawin lang din.
    One day anak natin, 8years old or not hihingi ng iphone, then pc, then car then this then that.
    and if we cannot, we are branded as bad parents.
    Been there.
    Too much PARENT's love, too much suffering too.
    the sincere respect is gone.

  10. Yan ang mahirap being a parent... sana pag nagkapamilya na ako kaya kong maturuan ang anak ko maging masinop... hehehehehehhe

  11. Haha, I remember when I was still a kid ayaw na ayaw ako isama ng mother ko sa market kc turo ng turo. My time na isinasama niya ako pero ang kabilin-bilinan huwag magtuturo. Eh kaso minsan bata, hindi maiwasan makalimot at bigla na lang magturo kapag may nakita..nyay..kurot ang katapat non! So doon ako! Xa nga pala I did the same click here..^_^

  12. haay it's really very hard being a parent. my kids always said to mt to buy that and those and i would just say that i don't have any money. aawayin pa ako meron daw akong pera nasa bulsa kahit wala naman. mula noon pag sinabi kong wala akong pera alam na nila na di pwedeng bilhin ung request nila. pero iba naman ang tatay nila, sunod sa laway, kaya mas gus2 nila tatay nila kc meron daw sasakyan at nakakabili sila ng gus2 nila. un ang pagkakaiba naming magasawa. mahirap

  13. @anonymous,
    u 4get ur email add... pero lam ko na kung sino ka... yata.

    minsan ok din yun magkaiba gusto..