Monday, April 5, 2010

What Should I do if Baby Cries?


There's no reason to panic. Baby cries because it is his one way to communicate. There are moms who knew what their babies want just by the sound of their cries. To the newly couples sometimes they got alarmed. Some thought something bad happened to their child. But it's not always the case.

Reasons Why Baby Cries:

1. Wetness. Maybe the diaper leaks.
2. He is hungry and needs to be fed
3. Boredom. And they can also feel loneliness, you know.
4. Needs attention.
5. But sometimes so much attention.
6. Tired.
7. "Poo-poo!" as my eldest daughter cried loud.
8. Upon waking up telling you he's awake.
9. They feel uncomfortable.
10. And yes we don't remove the reason they might be in some kind of pain.

I can still remember how my first child really got us on her first month with us. Camille as how we call her started to seek attention from 9 pm up to 3 am. I had to carry her in my arms to comfort her, dancing some waltz and everything. lol.

I will continue in my next post some advices on how to handle such situations.


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