Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amazing Facts About Kids

Kids nowadays are terrific. Ask them about the show they are watching in television and they sure fire the detailed answers. They know the characters. Their names. Their specialties. Their powers. Who's the good ones and the bad ones. I was amazed how kids know every duel cards that to me is hard to memorized. The characters for me looks the same.

Kids are so spontaneous and they seem to be born clever. Their listening power has developed so great. Just listening in a song and they can easily memorize them. Ha ha no wonder why Kris Aquino's son, Baby James, said Villar when asked who is his bet. I bet the boy can also sing Villar's campaign jingle just like so many children.

Kids can think freely without being imposed by others. They speak their mind so clearly. They seem to know less but yet they know so much. 

Nowadays we come across children who are so intelligent that they can count before even they can read. When I say intelligence here, I do not mean only the bookish intelligence that a person can develop but the intelligence that develops through experience. By intelligence I also mean, the clear mind with which a child judges the circumstances. 

Sometimes we face so many constraints when taking a decision and might end up taking the wrong decision. But to the kids, the obvious is the only solution. Sometimes, there are some obvious reasons that we fail to see but can be easily pointed out by a child.

I had noticed these. Maybe you also had something to share. I gladly want to know.



  1. hi al,

    masabi ko lang.........malaking button, malaki din ang butas.

    lumaki ang mga anak natin, the more responsibilities we have, the more problems we of my experienced.

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  2. said it right. nakakalbo rin minsan hehe pero we shouldn't stop.

    Parang lastiko yan.. habang hawak mo naka stretch.. pagbinitawan mo na.. balik uli sa dati.
    Dating makukulit!