Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How To Stop Nose Bleeding?

"Help! Mommy, my nose is bleeding!"

We had just arrived from SM Baliuag. The weather then was too hot. Minutes after we had finished doing the groceries we bought that day, we just heard that loud voice from our son. We rushed into him and saw how terrified he was. He can't feel anything wrong but his nose is bleeding continuously.

"Relax", I said to comfort him as I helped him sit on a chair. I pressed his nose. Gently at first as I slowly put a little pressure on it. His head is slightly raised. Soon enough the bleeding was gone. My wife came in with an ice wrapped in a towel. She applied it in his cheeks and nose.

It's just a good thing that we had able to purchase a book one time in National Bookstore about Dos and Don'ts in Case of Emergency.  It' s author  is someone Bro. Allan S. Cruz. Actually, my wife was the one who insisted to have one. That was 3 years ago. Got already prepared for this three years earlier huh!

And this is how to attend the nose-bleeding problem:

1. Pinch all the soft parts of the nose together between your thumb and index finger.

2. Press firmly toward the face - compressing the pinched parts of the nose against the bones of the face.

3. Lean forward slightly with the head tilted forward. Leaning back or tilting the head back allows the blood to run back into your sinuses and throat and can cause gagging or inhaling the blood.

4. Hold the nose for a while. Repeat as necessary until the nose has stopped bleeding.

5. Sit quietly, keeping the head higher than the level of the heart. Do not lay flat or put your head between your legs.

6. Apply ice (wrapped in a towel) to nose and cheeks.

If the nose continuous to bleed, well...
what are you waiting for?
Call a doctor!!

Just a friendly reminder.


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