Monday, April 26, 2010

Tooth Decay

Our children can get tooth decay as soon as teeth appears. So we should not wait for a full set of teeth appears before we took care of them. 

My wife used a cloth in cleaning my baby's first tooth. She practically do the brushing for them everyday until they got used to brushing their own teeth.

Some think that tooth decay in children are harmless and a just natural for kids. That's wrong. Temporary teeth should be the one to be taken care of. They are the one which make the space for the permanent teeth.

Taking care of the temporary teeth helps ensure normal growth and developement of the jaw that directly affects the eating habits and speech and most important is  your child's smile.


  1. That's true, over here in Tate, they have gum cleanser na nabibili pag ala pang tooth ang baby.. I started cleaning my kids' gums as early as they were babies kasi even the milk could cause decay din.. Salamat sa visit.. Followed your blog na din..

  2. That's exactly what their pedia said.