Friday, April 9, 2010

What Should I Do If Baby Cries? (3)


Always remember that patience is a virtue of all new dads.  It takes extra time to learn how to work with the crying baby.  Try to understand and educate yourself in the reasons why baby cries. It's a big help in knowing your child.  Here are some of other things you can do if baby cries.

5.  Make a little noise.  Often times this can do the trick.  When babies hear sounds, they are somewhat curious of what it is. They seemed to be trying to apprehend what was that sound is about. Or you can even  give him a soft music  from your player. Or purchase some musical toys or alike.

6.  Give something to suck.  There are times that babies don't want to take their milk but they want to suck. So a pacifier can do the job. Just be sure it's always been sterilized .

7.  Put down. When you're already stressed. Haha.. this is better. Don't yell on him. Don't ever shake your baby, ever!  Babies' bones are still weak, you might damage his spinal cord and worst his brain. So next time that you have been caught between a stressful day and your crying baby... just let him down. But get some help, maybe even with your neighbor.

As I can remember, my wife used to let my baby cries every morning. It can help them make their lungs strong.  Well you can ask your pedia about this and also get some tips.

I told you that it is  a natural thing for baby to cry.  It's their way to tell you that they need something or something is going on. But when she cries for say half an hour... then something is really going on. And this may not be good. So call a doctor!

Exercising patience and gentleness, and by applying some tips I had given, you sure can find other ways that work to make your baby stop from crying. I'm happy to know from you. You can post it down.


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