Monday, April 12, 2010

Girls of my Life.

There are things that we want to keep.
Things that make us happy.
That makes us laugh.
Sometimes cry.

And there are things we always want to see.
Things that we consider precious.
That we really treasure.

And I had that something in my heart.
Praying we will never be apart.

All of us have our own way of preserving wonderful things that we treasure most. In this modern times, there's so much more we can do. Everyone can capture moments so easily with their cellphone. Err, almost everyone. Believe it or not, it's just recently that I had a phone with a camera.:)

Smile always draw in my face whenever I look at my children's pictures. Seeing how they grow. How they look when they are happy. Or sad. Cherishing their joyfulness. And laughing in their naughtiness.

Happy Birthday JOSELLE S. TUBIO of Guadalupe, Makati!



  1. hmmm...mas mabilis dito kesa sa youtube ah...awww pareho tau...meron din ako sa youtube posted ko...hahahaha para tau praning but really dis helps preserve our wonderful memories no with our family. Ill post mines check mo mas okie pag me caption darling. Two thumbs up here...sooo sweet! ~Ka Aiza~

  2. haha... isang wannabee pa lang e. pero tnx sa comment.

  3. What a sweet, lovely tribute! Made me a little misty-eyed! Thanks for sharing these adorable pictures!

    I wanted to drop by and thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog! I really appreciate it! I'm so glad you did, I came back here to become your newest follower! Cheers!!

  4. Thanks. I appreciate your effort to come and visit. I really can relate in your latest post. Sort of bringing me in the past.

  5. ang ganda nman po. sarap ng madaming anak..

  6. ... naman pinaiyak mo ako... huhuhu... miss u all---armi

  7. @ bessie
    kaya bilisan mo na rin haha

    @ armi
    huy tita.. dapat minsan kami punta dyan!