Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Should I do if Baby Cries? (2)

New dads should learn how to work with the crying baby.  And I tell you, it's great feeling to understand and know what your child needs specially when she cries.  So be patient.  Learning and understanding your child's crying needs an extra measure of patience.

1.  Give him attention. If he is alone by himself and started to cry, it is important to be responsive to him. Making him feel that you are always there in times of his needs.

2.  Face to face.  Sometimes seeing your face close to him settles him down.  It gives him also an assurance that he is taken care of.

3.  Check! Check! Check! Look around. See if diaper is needed to be change. Look if there's rushes from the diapers. Make sure if he is not hungry... when was the last time he had been fed? Try to know if it is hot or clod in his place.

4.  Try to move.  Have a walk with him. Or patting sometimes is enough to make him stop crying.  Try to move as you held him up. Try to think of this, when he was still in his mom's womb, he was constantly moving as her mom moves.


  1. thats true, patience and Love.............

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  2. It makes me realized how I should take care of my baby where in fact I am very dependent to my wife every time my baby started to cry. This serves as an eye opener for a new dad like me that I must be aware of my baby's needs... TNX MR. AL CRUZ

  3. said it right, let's all cherrish the wonderful gift of being dad.